Get a quote as per your fruit choice and stay healthy.


After graduating from university, I was lucky enough to find a job in a big organization. It was a dream job... frequent travels at thrilling countries, getting to know remarkable people, interaction with fascinating local cultures... it was a fantastic journey.

As a trainer and team leader I wanted to gain my colleagues ' hearts, to have them engaged within our team and always felt the need to offer them a treat….
Something small to show my appreciation to them …. Something healthy, something easy to eat and to energize them during the long working days.
And suddenly the idea was born!! Fresh fruit at work. The idea was nesting in my head.
Is it possible? Can I combine my passion with work? My love for Cyprus, for Cypriot local products and a job?? I was looking around and noticed that there is an increasing trend among companies to promote a healthy working environment. Many offices are discovering that their employees feel more motivated in their workplace when their employer shows care for their health and well-being. So I grabbed the opportunity and here we are …

At The Fruit Boutique we give you high flexibility in regards to fruit selection, desired quantity and fruit basket presentation,
We can prepare for you fruit baskets that suit the needs of your corporation.
Is very important for you to know that we can build our offer around your own budget. Every single fruit in our baskets is thoroughly hand-washed and packed, only to ensure the highest quality of the fruits delivered to you.
We pay special attention to the correct washing of fruits buy following the recommended process of using Sanitizing tablets that meet HACCP guidlines.

We do not lock you into any contracts!! You can stop or change your order as required by contacting our service team.

Have a TRIAL and we guarantee you that your office crew will love you when fresh fruit arrives at your office door.

The fruit Boutique is here to help you create Healthy companies and Happy Staff.

Why cypriot Fruits?

  • We heavy promote local products.
  • Our aim is to support local farms and to build a chain of trust.
  • We support local grown products,we help our Economy.
  • Supporting local farming we green Cyprus.
  • A local fruit had identity.

100% Fruitful Guarantee

The correct washing of food we consume is one of the most important processing steps of basic hygine.
Using wrong washing products such as detergents and soap can harm your health as fruits can absorb chemicals.

Washing with Sanitising products removes microorganisms by detaching them from the fruits and Sanitising kills them.
At the fruit boutique we are following the recommended process and we are using Disinfection tablets that are meet HACCP quidelines.