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Employee Wellness and Fruit

27th Nov, 2017

Employee Wellness and fruit

 Fruit is amazingly full of all kinds of nutrients that are great for health. The wonderful thing about fruit is that not only is it good for health but it tastes great too.

Many organizations are now realizing the importance of providing fruit to their employees as part of healthier food choices available at work. Instead of calorie laden and nutritionally empty junk foods that are standard fare at most workplaces, it is great to see the initiative taken by many organizations to replace unhealthy processed foods with fresh, light and healthy alternatives.

Fruit is one of the most popular healthy foods being ordered by organizations for the purpose of providing healthy food options to their employees at work. Fruit is light, fresh and packed with nutrients that make it an ideal choice for consuming at work. 

   There are many health benefits of eating fruit at work, some of which are listed below:

1. Lightness
Fruit makes for a great snack or a light meal option, which is very important for people who want to eat well at work. Processed snacks and heavy meals put a burden on the system, leading to sluggishness which is something that can be prevented by eating light fruits.

2. Fiber
The importance of fiber in a diet has been well documented. Fruit is a wonderful source of healthy fiber in the diet that is essential to maintaining a healthy and efficient digestive system.

3. Mood enhancement
The enzymes and antioxidants in fruit provide that much needed dose of mood enhancement at the workplace, which is essential to keep employees content and happy.

4. Alertness
Since fruit it chock full of vitamins and minerals, it literally acts as a mental shake; the freshness and nutrients instantly make you mentally alert and dull of vitality. In addition to energizing you physically, eating fruits like oranges and melon have been known to help people focus mentally.

5. Boost energy levels, naturally.
Fruits are a natural source of instant energy. Anytime you feel your energy might be sapping a little, reach for a piece of fruit rather than a candy bar. The natural sugar in fruit will help you stay active throughout the day it will increase your energy and keep your blood sugar stable for a long time compared to sugary snacks.

6. Weight management
Due to today’s sedentary lifestyles that includes sitting long hours at work, weight issues are a growing concern. Eating fruit for either snacking or even as a meal helps maintain acceptable weight levels, even if you don’t find time to exercise as regularly as you should.

7. Increased productivity
With so many benefits of making people at work feel great, fruits ultimately lead to greater productivity at an organization. Healthy, happy, alert and focused employees are naturally far more productive than the ones who may be sluggish, suffering from low-moods and not completely focused on their work. This is the main reason that more and more employers are turning to fruit delivery services to help increase the productivity of the employees.

Why cypriot Fruits?

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100% Fruitful Guarantee

The correct washing of food we consume is one of the most important processing steps of basic hygine.
Using wrong washing products such as detergents and soap can harm your health as fruits can absorb chemicals.

Washing with Sanitising products removes microorganisms by detaching them from the fruits and Sanitising kills them.
At the fruit boutique we are following the recommended process and we are using Disinfection tablets that are meet HACCP quidelines.