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Why not to purchase my office fruit from the local fruit shop?

We can almost guarantee that our prices are the same with the local fruit shop as we avoid middlemen traders and that it won’t be of the same quality as ours. Our fruit goes numerous quality control checks both in the buying, washing and packing stages. With lesser quality fruit you will end up throwing some of it out. We professionally wash fruit with sanitizing products that remove microorganisms. Every fruit is hand-washed and packed in attractive fruit baskets. The loss of some bad quality fruit, the working hours of in-house employee to get the fruit to the office and the time it gets to wash them and place them in containers in your office, you will see how using an all-inclusive service like ours is the most cost –effective long-term solution for your office.

What does the fruit boutique deliver?

The Fruit Boutique delivers a variety of whole, washed fruit to offices and homes. Our aim is to have identity behind each single fruit. We proudly support local farms across Cyprus and buy as much seasonal fruit as possible directly from farmers, washing it with sterilized tablets, packing it securely in our workshop, and delivering it next day.

Why should I provide fresh fruit to my employees?

Fresh fruit brings wellness into the workplace, boosts morale, and increases productivity. When you invest in your staff and workplace wellness program by providing healthy eating options like fresh fruit, you are repaid in greater output, improved loyalty, increased employee retention, and potentially lower healthcare costs.

Why cypriot Fruits?

  • We heavy promote local products.
  • Our aim is to support local farms and to build a chain of trust.
  • We support local grown products,we help our Economy.
  • Supporting local farming we green Cyprus.
  • A local fruit had identity.

100% Fruitful Guarantee

The correct washing of food we consume is one of the most important processing steps of basic hygine.
Using wrong washing products such as detergents and soap can harm your health as fruits can absorb chemicals.

Washing with Sanitising products removes microorganisms by detaching them from the fruits and Sanitising kills them.
At the fruit boutique we are following the recommended process and we are using Disinfection tablets that are meet HACCP quidelines.